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The Go-To Place For All Your Vehicle Leasing Needs

Hello and welcome to The Fleet Adviser – the home of all things Vehicle Leasing.

In this website we will provide helpful advice and the latest news from the world of car and van leasing – making us your “go-to” resource for getting the most out of your leasing arrangements.

Leasing vehicles is now such a huge portion of the vehicle purchase market. If you are looking after a fleet of vehicles as part of your day-to-day job – there is so much to consider.

This is why we want to offer you our support and advice – having spent over 30 years in the motor trade, and operating as a vehicle leasing broker.

Cutting through the “deal noise”.

Whether it’s your email accounts, your social media accounts, or even on the tv and radio – ads for “unbelievable leasing deals” can be seen and heard everywhere it seems.

We want to get away from this.

“Great deals” are only a small part of the hard-work that goes into getting the most out vehicle leasing.

The most important thing to remember is that the only “great deals” are the ones tailored to suit your specific needs.

There are lots of ways you can save money (and time) without being lured in by “too good to be true” deals.

Our website instead focusses on the day-to-day issues that all of us face. 

As well as helping you understand your options, we will look at topics such as compliance, insurance, tax-related issues and general fleet management – from maintenance to vehicle tracking.

This is your website.

As well as drawing on our experience and knowledge on all things vehicle leasing, we will be inviting you to shape our content.

We want you to tell us what the important topics and discussion points are to you and your business right now.

We also want to avoid bombarding you with jargon. Our aim is to tell you what’s going on in the world of vehicle leasing, what impact this can have on your business and all of it in terms you can understand. 

Help us to help you

If you have any topics you would like to see us discuss, or if there are any questions you have in relation to any aspect to vehicle leasing, simply fill in the form below.

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