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Peugeot e-Partner – a real viable electric van option

by | Feb 3, 2021 | All Articles, Electric Vehicles, Vans | 0 comments

Second Peugeot e-Van to be available later this year.

Peugeot is adding a second electric van to its range with the introduction of the new e-Partner later this year. 

Peugeot vans are always popular and considered a safe bet. But for businesses looking to switch to electric vans, what are the main things you need to know?

Who is it ideal for?

The manufacturers say the van offers a 171-mile range from its 50kWh battery pack, this van will be ideal for those businesses who operate on a local and slightly wider regional basis.

There is something to be mindful of when looking at the range of the vehicles. The weather and the load can impact on the maximum range. 

How quickly can it be charged?

The e-Partner will be available with two types of on-board chargers, a 7.4kW single-phase charger as standard and an optional 11kW three-phase charger. It can achieve full power in as little as five hours through an 11kW Wall Box, or an 80% charge in just 30 minutes via a 100kW DC rapid charger.

Are there different driving modes?

There are 3 driving modes which can alter the maximum power output of the motor. These can be used to help achieve the maximum range and also be used to consider the load being carried.

How many people can it hold?

As well as the traditional 3 seats, a Crew Van version will also be available allowing for transportation of up to 5 occupants.

What can it carry?

The e-Partner has a maximum load capacity as the diesel variants (up to 4.4 cubic metres). It also features a maximum payload of up to 800Kg, and towing capacity up to 750kg.

There will also be 2 wheelbase versions available, with a ‘Standard’ variant at 4.4m and ‘Long’ with 4.75m.

What storage options will be available?

There is a Multi-flex modular folding three-seater bench increasing load space up to 500 litres inside the cabin, with storage space under the centre seat cushion and a load-through bulkhead.

In Summary

This van will be a real popular option – and with the Government “Plug-in Van Grants available upto £8000 or 20% of the vehicle RRP – for many businesses operating local delivery services, I believe this could be a real viable option.

To find out more about this van – or any other electric van – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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