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Fleet Adviser Co-Founder Cycling 300 Miles For Cancer Research

by | Sep 23, 2021 | All Articles, Uncategorised | 0 comments

On Your Bike! Matt to Cycle 300 miles this month to raise money for cancer charity.

During the lockdown many of us either expanded our horizons or our waistlines. For Fleet Adviser co-founder Matt Cahill – it was very much an opportunity to get back on the saddle.

He explains “During lockdown I wanted to get back into exercising – to promote a healthy body and mind. It would’ve been too easy to sit there and do nothing. The problem I had was my knees can’t really take the pounding of jogging – and whilst I love my golf, I couldn’t really afford to spend 3-4 hours a day out away from my desk – so a daily bike ride became my thing.”

Soon though, that daily dose of exercise turned into something with a bit more serious intent. 


“I think like many people from competitive work environments – that competitiveness spills over into most things in life. I’d be tracking my times and pushing to beat my personal best. I’d be constantly looking to challenge myself” He says. 

“I’d quite quickly gotten back a lot of the fitness you lose sat behind a desk for 8-9 hours a day. To be honest though, I was quite happy with that but then I was down the pub one night with some friends. Ine of them mentioned they would be doing the “Cycle 300″ challenge to raise money for Cancer Research – and I thought it sounded a great idea”.


Next thing, Matt was online registering himself and as you read this is more than 2/3’s of the way through.

The Cycle 300 event is raising money for Cancer Research.

Cancer survival rates have doubled over the past 40 years. Consistent progress is being made but improvements to technology and ground-breaking work offer new opportunities to find different ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and improve survival rates even further. By helping Cancer Research, we’re helping to improve results even faster.

The Finish Line

We’re pleased to report Matt is more than on course to finish on target – with just 60 gruelling miles to go in the last 7 days. So how is he bearing up?

“Well the knees are holding out so far – touchwood! I did 21 miles yesterday – so if I keep that up (and it’s a big ‘if’ at the moment!) I’ll have smashed the 300 miles.”

“In all honesty, the most important thing is the raising money of course – and the impact that can have. We all have family or friends who have been impacted by Cancer in some way. I think Covid has been a distraction for obvious reasons – and in some ways taken our eye off the ball and how horrible to live with conditions like Cancer can be to live with. I’m delighted to help such a worthy cause in any way I can.”

Matt’s JustGiving donation page is still open and accepting donations. You can donate by clicking on the button below.

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