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The Fleet Adviser at Fleet & Mobility Live

by | Oct 6, 2021 | All Articles, Uncategorised | 0 comments

Fleet & Mobility Live – The Hunt For More Great Content!

It was the first time we have had chance to attend the 2-day Fleet & Mobility Live event at the NEC in Birmingham and it proved to be a very useful experience.

Our aim was simple – we were on the hunt for more quality content to bring to your inbox. And we think we have succeeded. More on that shortly. 

The Event Itself 

The event is specifically targeted to all facets of the fleet management industry and is for fleets of all sizes.

Those present varied. From directors and senior management, to those in procurement and finance, to those with an interest in HR. And then there was those like ourselves whose job it is to share nuggets of information – but all with a vested interest in saving time & money and being that step ahead.

The impact of Covid had an understandable impact on the normal attendance. In our opinion though it possibly helped the event prove to be even more useful – bizarrely – with plenty of time being afforded to visitors for chatter and important information gathering, which benefitted us (and as a result hopefully, you) greatly.

There was undboutedly a friendly, approachable vibe – more so than some of the bigger, busier events, and there was plenty of time to get around the different exhibitor stands.

We would definitely recommend it for next year and we will certainly be there. 

In the Pipeline

So from the event we have approached several of the exhibitors and asked for their input into our site. From large fleet brands and household names, to new initiatives and services that offer added value to SME’s running a small-ish fleet. 

Over the coming weeks and months we have articles lined up regarding a wide range of issues – from the mental health and well-being of drivers to fleet management repair solutions from companies like Haynes. 

We also spoke to the AA and Highways England and we’ll be sharing some news of exciting initiatives there too. 

What else was really pleasing though was the amount of start-ups and smaller businesses creating the technology and providing services that are going to shape the future. 

And we’re absolutely delighted we’ll be able to help bring to you – so make sure you don’t miss out and subscribe below to receive our updates.

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