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Our Van Dimensions Guide – Helping You Find The Right Van

by | Nov 13, 2021 | All Articles, Vans | 0 comments

A Really Useful Tool – Our Van Dimensions Guide

One of the things I remember from my broker days was being asked to find a van that would easily fit a board, or pieces of equipment, or be able to carry a certain payload. 

Finding that information online was quite time-consuming. Sometimes impossible! (Or at least it felt it.) 

There must be an easier way than trawling through manufacturers spec sheets and manuals.

Well now there is – and we’ve created it! 

Introducing our Van Dimensions Guide.

With our van dimensions guide, you can use it a couple of ways. 

The first is to search by van make and model. This will help you find that particular vans dimensions so you can see if it matches your needs. 

If however, you have a particular need and don’t know what van you should be looking at, then you can use the dimension sliders to help you find the vans that match your needs. 

Find local Van Suppliers

Once you have your results, you can click on a particular van to find the van dimensions information you need. 

In addition to this though, we have gone one step beyond this and you will also see a “find local van suppliers” option. 

With this, we are currently sourcing credible suppliers of that type of van from across the UK. From brokers and main dealers to second-hand dealers and hire companies. 

Check out our Van Dimensions Guide

Our van dimensions guide is completely free to use, you don’t have to register and you can use it as many times as you want – if you find it useful, be sure to BOOKMARK the page to store it in your browser.

All we’d ask is that if you know anyone who would find it useful, please share it with them too. To visit the guide, please click the button below.

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