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MAN eTGE Vans – A Strong Contender for Switching to EV (and it’s available…)

by | Nov 17, 2021 | All Articles, Vans | 0 comments

Could the MAN eTGE be the answer to Van Supply woes?

You won’t need us to tell you that the supply of new vehicles – vans in particular – is still a huge issue. Good news however, is that there are a selection of vans out there raring to go – if you know where to look that is. One such van is the hugely underrated Man eTGE.

The MAN eTGE – killing two birds with one stone?

The supply issue isn’t the only solution the MAN eTGE offers. If want to switch your fleet to electric whilst there are still financial incentives in place then the MAN eTGE is an excellent van to switch to.

Infact, you wouldn’t be the only ones in doing so.

Many businesses are already looking to the MAN eTGE as a really viable option. Sure, it’s availability is a part of that – but in so many ways it actually makes sense.

Recently, Tier Mobility – a micro-mobility company – have taken delivery of 10 new electric MAN eTGE vans for its growing London eScooter operations in the capital.

When talking about choosing the vans, Maximilian Djacic, project manager operations vehicles at Tier, said:

“With the London trial continuing to scale, we are expanding our operations, and our fleet of MAN eTGE all-electric vans is allowing us to do this in a sustainable and efficient way.

“The MAN eTGE is the ideal vehicle for our business. Being 100% electric, its credentials fit perfectly with our company ethos, allowing us to service our e-scooter fleet’s needs in an environmentally and carbon natural way.”

Which is a glowing recommendation – but the fact is that the MAN eTGE ticks many of the boxes you could wish from a larger van. 

What Makes the MAN eTGE a Sensible Option?

Ok, so first of all – if the MAN eTGE doesn’t sound that familiar – then the VW Crafter might. And basically, the MAN eTGE is the VW Crafter in all but name and badges and a few bits of trim here and there.

Straight off the bat, this means there is the re-assurance of build quality and a layout design which maximises the space available.


The battery packs are neatly tucked away between the vehicles chassis rails – ensuring  a low centre of gravity, maximum load space (equivalent of other TGE models) and equal weight distribution – helping performance.

The MAN eTGE dimensions mean it is ideal for delivery of parcels small, medium and large – with plenty of height and space – and a 950kg payload. 

So how foes that impact on performance?


MAN eTGE dimensions


Well it’s performance is more than adequate for the majority of van fleet needs. The MAN eTGE has a 65-70 mile inner-city delivery range with speed limited to 56mph.

It’s all-important charging stats are impressive too.

A full charge to 100% is achieved in five hours and 20 minutes using an AC wall-box, while a quick DC charge to 80% takes 45 minutes, using the Combined Charging System (CCS) connector (40 kW).

Equipment and Drive

The MAN eTGE comes as easy to drive and as comfortable as the TGE and the VW Crafter.

To give you an idea of what that means, Parker’s Guide awarded the TGE is “2022 Large Van of the Year” award. The reason the award was given to TGE outright was due the outstanding aftercare available via MAN truck-level dealer network – another tick in the box.

So what of the eTGE? Well, It comes with pretty much the same essential features such as Comfort Seats, Heated Windscreen and a Sat/Nav infotainment system that doesn’t need a degree in quantum physics to work out.

In terms of drive quality, it once again is in similar realms of outstanding. Largely thanks to the well thought-out (and executed) design.

What are you waiting for?

This is an excellent van that should be up there for consideration at the best of times.

If however you are in need of vans in these difficult times – and you recognise that the switch to Electric Vans is something you need to tackle before the financial support trickles away – then the availability, the quality and the support network around the MAN eTGE should have you looking to find a local supplier as soon as possible.

For more details, please complete the form below to speak to a MAN eTGE specialist.


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