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Why Advertise With Us?

Does your business provide services within the fleet industry? Are you a vehicle broker? Insurance broker? Provide driver training or specialise in repairs? Whatever your role in the fleet industry, advertising on The Fleet Adviser could be ideal for your company.

At The Fleet Adviser our audience is typically businesses with a fleet of 5-50 vehicles based across the UK. 

With mailing lists of over 10,000 businesses – and ever-growing – and paid campaigns on Google and Social Media, we go out and target the type of businesses that needs your services.

Our pro-active approach coupled with our 30 years experience in the motor trade AND 15 years experience in web marketing – means we understand the pain-points that your potential audience faces day, in day AND we know exactly how to reach them.

Be A Part of Something Special.

There are lots of ways you can be a part of this.

You could provide content for us. We will share it on our social media and through our mailing lists – giving you excellent exposure and really help to stamp home your authority in your sector – and we will do that completely free of charge.

However, there are other ways you can enjoy the benefits of our audience reach for small, nominal sums – ensuring the opportunity for incredible returns on your investment are there to be had…


Advertising Options

article written

Article Content Creation

We can write an article to feature in our website on your behalf. You can give us a brief and we will do the rest.

We can do the research, write the copy and provide images where necessary. We then pass the article back to you for final approval.

Once you approve it, we will publish the article and share it across our social media, mailing lists and Google Ads campaigns*.

*where relevant.

Cost – £100 (per article)

Front Page Ad

By featuring on the home page of The Fleet Adviser website you are exposing your business to 1000’s of hits a month from fellow experts and potential customers in the fleet industry.

We can create the ad for you – all you need to do is provide an image and where you want the ad to point to (e.g. your website, or a landing page) and we will do the rest.

With this sort of level of exposure your brand is at the forefront of our most visited web page.


Cost – £50 (per ad, per week)

Banner Ad on an Article

By placing a banner ad at the top of an article relevant to your services, you can attract relevant and highly engaged website visitors to your business.

Includes a clear “call-to-action” button linking to your website or landing page.

Cost – £50 (per ad, per article, per calendar month)

Side Bar Ad

Or if you want something a little more subtle, you can be one of our ads to the side (beneath on mobile version) of the article.

Cost – £20 (per ad, per article)

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