What are the best 5 Electric SUVs?

What are the best 5 Electric SUVs?

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What are the best 5 Electric SUVs?

What are the Best 5 Electric SUVs available in the UK right now?

If you recently saw our article looking at the best 5 small electric cars – we have run the same criteria to work out the best 5 Electric SUVs currently on the road.

The popular family cars are one of the most sought-after vehicles on the road. The good news is that with the transition to elecric there is plenty of choice out there – so which one do you choose? Well, there’s also lots of reviews out there, which means doing your research could be time-consuming.

To save you time we have Googled “best electric SUV’s” and looked at the first 7 review sites to appear.

We have then worked out an average score from the vehicles featured in these reviews and based it on;

  • How many times the car appeared in the reviews
  • An average score based on the scores available
  • The comments in the review articles
  • Our own scores

So with the leg work done, sit back, grab a brew and a notepad – because here are the best 5 Electric SUVs available in the UK right now……

No. 5 – Audi Q4 e-Tron (Averaged 4.17 / 5)

Audi e-Tron - a top 5 Electric SUV

In the first of our top 5 spaces is the Audi Q4 e-Tron. Slightly smaller than the Audi e-tron SUV, the Q4 still manages to score higher – featuring prominantly in 4 of the 7 reviews we looked at.

The Plus Points

The Q4 e-tron has consistent themes – notably it’s interior design and user-friendliness – running through all the plus points noted in it’s reviews;

Car Magazine Superb interior | Extremely easy to use | Suits a broad range of driving needs
DrivingElectric.com Impressive technology | Comfortable ride | Spacious interior
Autoexpress Great practicality | Good real-world range | Slick infotainment system
Car Buyer Attractive design | Strong performance | Fairly practical

The Q4 e-tron gives a nice rounded balance by being comfortable, easy to use and with a decent range, making it a good solid choice for most drivers.

What Stops It Being The Best?

In a word – Price. There are similar quality electric SUVs that aren’t as pricey as the Q4 e-tron. Still, in choosing to pay more for the Audi Q4 e-tron, you would be getting an excellent electric SUV.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, the Audi Q4 e-tron is a classy electric SUV. It’s rapid-charging, it’s interior space and it’s ease of use makes it a real stand-out SUV and well worth it’s place in the top 5.

Find out more about the Audi Q4 e-tron models on our vehicle guide.


No. 4 – VW Id.4 (Averaged 4.31 / 5)

The VW Id.4 has earned it’s place in the top 5 Electric SUVs after scoring well in 4 of the 7 review articles we looked at. So what did the reviewers find so appealing?

The Plus Points

For the reviews that we looked at – the main plus points were;

Car Magazine Spacious rear interior | Affordable entry-level spec models | Ideal for families
Car Buyer Good to drive | Competitive range | Great practicality
AutoExpress Comfortable | Decent boot space | Good standard kit
What Car Lots of space in the back and a big boot | Excellent Euro NCAP safety score | Well equipped

The reviews for the ID.4 offer a similar outlook to the Audi Q4 e-tron above. Practical, spacious, ideal for families and pretty user-friendly to drive. It probably nudges the Audi out of 4th spot on slightly more palatable pricing. The Safety Ratings as well garner favour in the reviews.

What Stops it Being The Best?

The main factor picked out is that some of the trim materials feel tacky and cheap, whilst the top-end models are still picked out as being pricey. There are also comments about the infotainment system being frustrating – but when all said and done – it all depends on what you need it for and how tech-minded you are.

Our Verdict

The VW Id.4 claims it’s rightful place as one of the top electric SUVs available in the UK. It ticks all the main boxes you would need from an SUV – and it ticks them emphatically.

With decent range, rapid-charge options for longer trips, plenty of space, easy to drive – and a great-handling, assured drive at that, there aren’t many electric SUV’s offering anywhere near this much car for this price – just don’t go too crazy on the extras!

Find out more about the VW Id.4 in our vehicle guide.


No. 3 – Skoda Enyaq (Averaged 4.71 / 5)


Over the last 30 years, the Skoda brand has come a remarkably long way. Since it was taken under the VW wing, it has become a serious player in the automotive market, bringing forward some of the most underrated vehicles of the last decade or so.

The Skoda Enyaq is their electric SUV and in our opinion is one of the best on the market. As we found, it also scored incredibly well in 5 out of the 7 review sites we looked at too.

The Plus Points

What Car Well priced | Extremely practical | Comfortable and easy to drive
Car Buyer Versatile Interior | Good value | Spacious
Carwow Spacious cabin and huge boot | Decent to drive with good range | Very good all-rounder
Driving Electric Very spacious | Two battery options | Excellent refinement
Parkers Clever Design makes for a roomy interior | The claimed battery range | Good value for money

As with the Audi and the VW Id.4 – the spacious interior, comfort and drive make it an excellent electric SUV to choose from. 

One of the reviews also comments that this isn’t just a VW with a different badge. It feels like a car in it’s own right, with it’s own personality. In some ways, it uses the basis of the VW and offers a slightly better version of it with a more luxurious interior. 


The top models can be a little pricey, whilst some reviews point out that if you are wanting a more sportier drive, this probably isn’t the one you’d go for.


In all honesty, I thought the Enyaq might come out on top. It’s a great all-rounder and offers excellent value for money. 

When I realised what came above it though in the top 5, it was hard to argue with those choices. 

All of which means, in the Enyaq, you would be switching into a great, spacious, easy to drive, value for money electric SUV. Also, if I was offered either this, the Audi or the VW Id.4 – the enyaq is also the one I’d choose.

To find out more about the Skoda Enyaq visit our vehicle guide.


No. 2 – Jaguar i-Pace (Averaged 4.76 / 5)

When you think “electric” and “SUV”, Jaguar might not be the first manufacturer that springs to mind. But, the Jaguar i-Pace featured in all 7 review articles, scoring incredibly well in each one. 

The Plus Points

Here are the main plus points of the Jaguar i-Pace from the reviews we looked at;

What Car Big range between charges | Entertaining handling | Comfortable ride
Car Magazine Excellent interior | Excellent range | Cutting-edge engineering
CarBuyer Impressive real-world range | Great to drive | Smart interior
Carwow Fun to drive | Good sized boot | Plush, high-tech cabin
Driving Electric Good standard equipment | Great handling | Striking looks and performance
AutoExpress  Brilliant performance | Surprisingly practical | Impressive range
Parkers Claimed range of up to 292 miles | Rapid charge times, roomy interior | Impressive handling and performance

The Jaguar i-Pace ticks so many boxes it is almost perfection. Jaguar’s electric SUV is exciting to drive and capable of decent range for it’s performance, and yet offers incredible practicality and is a really luxurious place to be for driver and passengers alike.

In some ways, it’s the surprise package of the top 5 electric SUVs – simply because Jaguar has spent so long at the top of the saloon car tree. But the reviews simply love this car.


Quite simply, it’s the pricing. The price of the i-Pace means this amazing car won’t be an option for everyone.


If money was no object, the Jaguar i-Pace would probably be the one I’d go for out of the 5. It literally has it all – but that comes at a premium. A truly phenomenal car, but it’s pricing also means it isn’t the “best” electric SUVs…

Find out more about the Jaguar i-Pace in our vehicle guide.


No. 1 – Kia e-Niro (Averaged 4.83 / 5)

Surprised? Well you shouldn’t be.

For a while now Kia have been serious car manufacturers, producing high-quality cars. The Kia e-Niro is not only one of the best electric SUVs, but arguably one of the best EVs full-stop. And to back it up, the Kia e-Niro featured in all 7 reviews we looked at and scored remarkably well across the board, sneaking just ahead of the Jaguar. 

The Plus Points

What Car Winner of WhatCar of the Year Award | Excellent range | Extremely affordable
Car Magazine Excellent range | Reasonably priced | Well equipped and well built
CarBuyer Long battery range | Very Practical | Well equipped
Carwow Impressive driving range | Roomy for a family | Kia’s 7 year/100,000 mile warranty
Driving Electric Long real-world range | Comfortable and practical | Bells-and-whistles equipment list
AutoExpress  Great real-world range | Excellent value for money | Impressive performance
Parkers High standard spec | Brilliant infotainment | Long range

All of the reviews agree that this isn’t just a great electric SUV, it’s one of the best cars out there.

It ticks all the boxes for range, charge times, equipment, drive quality, interior space for a family, ease of use and price.

When all those boxes are ticked, then it’s hard to look past it – but when you factor in Kia’s 7 year warranty, then it starts to become a complete no-brainer.

What stops it getting 5/5?

One of the reviews admitted that if you were looking for a vehicle that comfortably fits 5 adults in, then e-Niro wouldn’t be for you – and whilst fair enough, let’s be honest, how often is that needed?

The other argument would be that there are better looking cars out there – but ultimately, it’s not an “ugly” car, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Our Verdict

The Kia e-Niro is a worthy winner. It is all the things the reviews say – and more. It might not be an obvious choice (most people would have said a Tesla would be the winner – particularly after our teasing lead picture at the top of the article!) but when you sit and think about which car is very good at everything AND reasonably priced – the Kia e-Niro really is the best electric SUV.

Find out more about the Kia e-Niro in our Vehicle Guide.

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What are the best 5 Small Electric Cars

What are the best 5 Small Electric Cars

Visit our Vehicle Guide central online toolbox

What are the best 5 Small Electric Cars

Overall Average Score for the Best 5 Small Electric Cars

Whether we like it or not, choosing an electric vehicle is a choice we will all have to make sooner or later. To help ease the burden, we are putting together a series of articles to help you make better choices without trawling the internet. First up we’re looking at the small electric cars currently available.

To work out which ones are the best, we have taken a cross-sample of SEVEN of the most prominent review sites when searching for “small electric cars” on Google. We have then worked out an average of all the scores handed to all the small cars across these website and come up with an Overall Average Score  – giving us our top 5 based on the results.

So strap yourself in and find out which are the best 5 small electric cars out there at the moment….

No. 5 – Peugeot e-208 (Averaged 4.10 / 5)

Peugeot e-208

The Peugeot e-208 is one of the more established small electric cars currently on the road and it featured prominently in the “best of” reviews we looked at (5 of the 7).

The Plus Points

In the reviews where the Peugeot e-208 featured, the main plus points highlighted are;

AutoExpress Youthful, energetic and familiar feel | Easy to Charge | Good to drive | Excellent looks | Tech-savvy interior
AutoCar Good usable battery range | Pleasant, generally inviting interior | Performance and drivability | Comfortable ride
Parkers Handsome design and styling | Familiar driving experience | Reassuring range | Identical practicality
TopGear Looks | Interior | Better range than most electric superminis
CarBuyer Low running costs | Stylish design | Punchy performance

The common themes here being the stylish looks, it’s familiarity, it’s interior and the element of fun it brings in it’s driving performance.

Other complimentary comments

What Stops It Being The Best?

From the reviews we checked though – there were 2 things that seemed to be holding it back compared to the other leaders in it’s class; it’s range (WLTP range is 211 miles) and slightly limited space in the rear.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for small electric car then the Peugeot e-208 is a great choice if you need something stylish, with low running costs, that is tech-savy, easy to charge and predominantly for localised use. 

Find out more about the Peugeot e-208 models on our vehicle guide.


No. 4 – Honda e (Averaged 4.18 / 5)

honda e

The Honda e will perhaps be the “surprise package” of the bunch for many (and it certainly was to us!) It featured in 4 of the “best of” articles we looked at – and it’s high scores across the reviews means it features in our this top 5.

The Plus Points

For the reviews that we looked at – the main plus points were;

AutoCar Stylish | Genuine Compactness | Urban Agility | Zippy performance
DrivingElectric.com Great to drive | Packed with equipment | Striking looks inside and out
Top Gear A dash like no other | Irresistible looks | Tidy handling | Excellent City driving
CarBuyer Charming retro looks | Nippy acceleration | Hi-tech interior

The retro looks inside and out of the Honda e mean that it stands out – and in the case of the reviews we looked at – for all the right reasons. Another stand-out factor was how well the car drives and handles in city driving conditions. The tech features also garnished a positive response.


There are a couple of main factors which impact on the Honda e’s scoring, stopping it from scooping the best small electric car plaudits. These are chiefly it’s price (compared to others in it’s field) it’s range and it’s lack of space in the rear and boot.

Our Verdict

Ironically, the looks are the one thing that would put us off. However, looks are subjective and the quality build and performance – especially around town – make this a great small electric car for localised use. 

The range could be an issue if you need to venture further afield – but for businesses where the day-to-day journeys are under 30 miles, the Honda e is a reliable, strong performer, packed full of great kit.

Find out more about the Honda e in our vehicle guide.


No. 3 – BMW i3 (Averaged 4.39 / 5)

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is pretty much an antique in the world of electric cars. First surfacing almost a decade ago now, it would be easy to think the i3 has stood still. Well, it hasn’t…and it featured prominently in 4 of the “best of” reviews we looked at.

The PLus Points

AutoCar Genuinely innovative design | Brilliantly responsive in town | Excellent to drive
HeyCar Great to Drive | Decent Range | Eye-catching design | Feels BMW quality
Parkers Futuristic style | Smooth, electric drive | Excellent acceleration | Tight turning circle
TopGear Design | Great to drive | Easily seat 4 people

BMW’s small electric car comes with heaps of praise across the reviews. It’s drive, it’s interior and it’s sense of space (for a small car) are all common themes.

For a car that is designed to whizz about the city and local areas, the drive is generally described as unlike anything else (in one case it is claimed to be the best EV to drive until you hit the Tesla’s.)


It’s badge – or should I say, the premium that comes with it’s badge. For a car this good you will have to be prepared to pay for it. The question is can you get something nearly as good for less cost if cost is the overall deciding factor.


The BMW i3 might be the “old guard” of the small electric car world, but not many of the “new guard” have captured it’s drive quality yet. The i3’s recent refreshes are keeping it amongst the leaders in it’s field. With an interior quality to match the drive quality you are getting a lot of car. It’s whether you are willing to pay the price for that.

Find out more about the BMW i3 in our vehicle guide.


No. 2 – Fiat 500 Electric (Averaged 4.47 / 5)

Fiat 500 electric

The Fiat 500 is one of the most popular small cars of all time, so it comes as little surprise that the electric version is too. So what are the reviews saying about this popular little car?

The plus Points

AutoExpress Great real world range | Value for money | Stylish
HeyCar Stylish & Retro Charm | Some versions will cover up to 199-miles on a single charge | Easy to Drive | Packed with useful tech
Parkers Wonderfully stylish | Quick & Fun to drive | Cheap to buy and run | Long range for a small car
DrivingElectric.com Fun to drive | Decent real-world range | Good value mid-range models

All of the reviews we looked at said the same about the Fiat 500 Electric – stylish, great value for money and great range for a small car – and when you have a small electric car ticking all of those boxes, it’s hard to look past it.


The scores couldn’t have been much closer between the Fiat 500 Electric and the no.1 car (revealed below) – but the reviews seem to feel the slight lack of rear space and practicality in the Fiat is the differentiating factor.

Our Verdict

As we’ve said, if you are looking for a stylish, retro feel small car that’s cheap to buy and then run – the Fiat 500 Electric is one of the best choices for local journeys – and a bit further afield if needed.

Find out more about the Fiat 500 Electric in our Vehicle Guide.


No. 1 – Renault Zoe (Averaged 4.54 / 5)

Renault Zoe

And so, to the best small electric car on the market (based on average scores). The Renault Zoe.

One of the longest established EV’s on the market – the first version appearing in 2013 – the latest incarnation of the Zoe featured in all the “best of” reviews we looked at and highly in 5 of them – scoring really well across the board. So what makes the Zoe the stand-out small electric car?


AutoExpress Refined and relaxing drive | Well equipped | Spacious cabin
Heycar Decent space inside | Excellent range | Slightly raised driving position | Excellent design features
DrivingElectric Smart interior with ethical materials | Loads of equipment | Long driving range
TopGear Efficiency and range | Stylish interior | Option to lease battery or buy outright | Free wallbox
CarBuyer Plenty of great deals available | Well equipped as standard | Up to 245-mile range

Like the Fiat 500 Electric, the Renault Zoe is affordable, well-equipped, stylish and comes with an excellent range (the best of the ones in the top 5 at 245miles). With practicality that pretty much matches the Clio, it just offers that little bit more than the others – literally. 


The top models can be a little pricey, whilst the fast-charging is an optional extra. However, with the amount of range and overall quality of the car, the Zoe scores the best across the board.


The Renault Zoe is the best across the board, and on reflection – that’s about right. It doesn’t particularly ‘stand out’ above the others for style, or drive quality, or interior quality – but instead it just does EVERYTHING very well – and that’s enough to give it the highest scores.

And for this car, that’s about right.

It’s a very good small electric car and certainly the one out of these 5 that we would recommend.

To find out more about the Renault Zoe visit our vehicle guide.

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BMW iX3 – The Reviews

BMW iX3 – The Reviews

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BMW iX3 – The Reviews

When it comes to quality SUV’s BMW have been stepping upto the mark for the best part of two decades. But with the iX3 – an all-electric equivalent of their legendary X3 – have BMW hit on a winning formula for the electric SUV market? We here at The Fleet Adviser think so – and looking around the web, it seems those in the know agree as well.

About the iX3

Ok so before we look at what others are saying, a little bit about this car first.

As I’ve already mentioned, the iX3 is the X3’s all-electric twin. It pretty much looks the same as the X3, bar a couple of barely noticeable tweaks and touches here and there.

Perhaps most interestingly, the iX3 comes with a long range and rapid charge-up times – and the price is very competitive against it’s main competitors, chiefly being the Audi E-tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes EQC. When talking about all-electrics it’s also mandatory to throw the Tesla 3 into the mix as well.

Charging and Range of the iX3

With the iX3 it is clear that BMW are focussed on getting more efficiency out of the battery. It comes with an impressive WLTP-range of 285 miles – (and as always – this will vary based on driving style, weather conditions etc…) – giving it more range than the E-tron and EQC.

BMW say that the WLTP range is much more achievable with the iX3 than some competitors. This is mainly because the battery fitted is slimmer, more compact and therefore lighter than in it’s rivals. BMW says this will be particularly noticeable on motorway journeys.

Equally impressively, there are a number of ways it can be charged. With a 150kW DC rapid charging it can be charged to 80% in 34 minutes. The more common 50kW chargers will see it charged to 80% in just over an hour.

You will need to set aside some budget for a garage charging system. BMW have this covered though. They have partnered with Smart Solutions to produce a “Personal Wallbox”. This allows users to monitor charge usage and cost and record home-usage charge expenditure – making it convenient for use as a company car.

Inside the Car

BMW iX3 interior

If you know the X3, then the iX3 will be very familiar to you – to the point where you’d think you were in an X3.

The interior has a feel of luxury and space. It has the right amount of buttons and knobs for the things you want buttons and knobs for (like the air con).

The driving position is spot on and the controls are not too distracting, coming with BMW’s superb iDrive infotainment system with a 10.3 inch touchscreen which can also be worked remotely. It also comes with connectivity to Apple CarPlay / Android Auto.

Of course it comes with all the driving aids and executive car features that you would expect in such a well-crafted car.


It’s an SUV, it’s a family car.

There is plenty of head room and leg room throughout.

It can fit 3 people in the back comfortably enough without leaving them squirming around for space. The outer rear seats will also recline to give a more relaxing experience – something it’s competitors won’t do and great for getting the kids to sleep on long journeys!

The boot is huge and essentially the same as the X3 – which can fit in 8 carry-on suitcases with the rear seats up and parcel shelf in place. It can accommodate more than the average family would need.

BMW ix3 rear

Drive and Performance

Unlike it’s 4×4 rivals, the iX3 is only available with rear-wheel drive. However, due to the fantastic way it has been set-up with copious amounts of traction in both the dry and wet, it shouldn’t be a problem – unless you live somewhere with regularly heavy snow or down a particularly muddy track.

The iX3 is limited to 112 mph to help protect the range and it’s ride can be adjusted to help keep it smooth both on urban and country roads – arguably more so than it’s rivals who use more complex air suspension systems.

The iX3’s engine is quiet and there is strong acceleration, without being face-meltingly fast. There’s also BMW’s “IconicSounds Electric” package as standard where a series of synthesised sounds are pumped into the interior to match the cars accelerating and braking.

If anything, the iX3 is arguably the most fun to drive of those in this class.

What are the others saying?

So that’s the car – and for us it certainly stacks up as a great all-electric SUV. So what are other websites out there saying?


WhatCar give the iX3 the 5-star treatment citing it’s range, infotainment system and competitive pricing being the main plus points. They say – “The BMW iX3 is practical, good to drive and has a longer range than its closest rivals, namely the Audi E-tron and Mercedes EQC. It also has a fab infotainment system and a smart interior, so it’s a fine buy if you’re looking for a big SUV that runs solely on electricity.

Score – 5/5

AutoExpress also rate the iX3 saying that the car… “does a convincing job of pitching itself as a fantastic family car. It’s perhaps a little stiff – likely to compensate for the added weight – but it drives well, charges quickly, comes loaded with kit, and even undercuts the competition on price. We’d like a bit more flair for the cabin, but for those wanting their EV to keep its credentials quiet, the BMW nails its brief.

Score – 4/5

Whilst Car Magazine feels the iX3 is a little on the pricey side for it’s liking, it does concede “the iX3 is remarkably efficient and dynamically up to scratch. So what exactly it is that enables the German car with the Chinese birth certificate to challenge – or perhaps even eclipse – its premium rivals?At the end of a long day, three assets stood out proud: superb handling aka plenty of old-school emotions, long range aka enhanced peace of mind and low cost of ownership at 0.33 Euro per kWh aka no hefty penalty for saving the world.

Score – 4/5

Parker’s Guide are similarly praising of the performance and looks of the iX3 – citing it’s main plus points as being “Drives like a BMW should. Looks won’t alienate EV newbies. Impressive range and performance.” Whilst it also states that “the iX3 looks like you’re getting a lot for the money”.

Score – 4/5

The Honest John website is also extremely positive about the iX3 – “The BMW iX3’s brilliance is its simplicity. It takes a gimmick-free approach, providing a decent range and enough space for all the family. The interior really is superb, with fine materials and BMW’s excellent latest media system.

Score – 4/5


The iX3 is one of the best all-electric SUV’s on the market for range, performance, interior quality, drive quality and space. It is the perfect family vehicle. It is low-cost to run.

The iX3 is not only great for anyone looking for a family SUV, it is perfect for a company car and for X3 drivers looking to switch seamlessly into an electric car.

The great news as well is that there are plenty of great deals out there, so if you are interested in the iX3, then now could be the time to take a look.

If you would like a quote on some of the latest deals available on the iX3, then please fill in your details below and one of our panel will contact you with the best iX3 deals for your circumstances.

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The Volkswagen Abt eTransporter LWB – The Reviews

The Volkswagen Abt eTransporter LWB – The Reviews

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The Volkswagen Abt eTransporter LWB – The Reviews

If you have been finding stock this month tough to come by, we might have the answer. With reported issues in meeting demand due to the issues in the supply chain of components, finding vans – let alone great deals on vans has been hard to come by.

One of the vans that has gotten around these issues though and that we have seen plenty of great deals for is the all-electric Volkswagen Abt E-transport LWB. But is it any good?

About The Van

What’s it all about?

The VW e-Transporter is an electric version of VW’s classic mid-range, LWB van. Coming from VW then you can be assured of high-quality build and guaranteed quality driving experience – especially on urban streets, where the smooth ride makes light work of all the pot-holes!

Inside the Cab

The e-Transporter is one of the smartest interiors of the vans in this category – delivering both supreme comfort and style.

The van comes either as the e-Transporter or the 5 or 6 seat e-Transporter Kombi. The interior is also extremely functional – with plenty of storage options and cup-holders.

There is a choice of two different-sized infotainment screens. It also comes with a wireless charging option and is compatible with Apple AirPlay / Android Auto.

Other Equipment

The equipment and controls is pretty conventional and what you’d expect – but it’s well packaged and presented – which makes it even more re-assuring. It comes with;

  • 16-inch wheels
  • Air-conditioning
  • Heat-insulating cabin glass
  • Heated front seats
  • Driver’s seat with height-adjustment, four-way lumber support and arm rest
  • Dual passenger bench seat
  • Rubber flooring in the cabin
  • Electric windows
  • Electric, heated door mirrors
  • Multi-function steering wheel, leather trimmed
  • LED interior lighting
  • Lockable, illuminated glovebox
  • Single 12v socket
  • 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with DAB radio, Bluetooth and USB C connectivity
  • Multi-function ‘premium’ instrument cluster display
  • Volkswagen App-Connect compatible
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Remote central locking

Using the Van

The range

Being electric, the range of a van is important. VW quotes a WLTP range of 82 miles. However, the range of any electric vehicle is always subject to driving style and weather conditions.

Now that might not sound a lot, but with the vehicle coming with a limiter of 56mph, this helps the battery charge.

However, if the majority of your driving is localised to 20 miles radius and on local roads, then the range is going to be more than adequate on a day-to-day basis.


Charging the e-Transporter to an 80 per cent charge from flat can take around 45 minutes, while charging from a 7.2kW wall-box full charges the battery in around five and a half hours.

If you are planning on making longer journeys on a regular basis then with it’s range, it’s probably not the best choice. If however you are concentrating your driving locally, you won’t be spending chunks of your working day charging the thing as we’ve already said, the range will be more than adequate.


Because of the weight of the batteries, the payload is reduced to a maximum of 996kg – however this often meets most needs.

VW interior and doors

Also, on the plus-side, the e-Transporter has been homologated to tow up to 1500kg – which is unusual for an electric van as many aren’t rated to tow at all. 

The other great thing is the battery packs are tucked away underneath the van. This means it doesn’t impact on the load space and you get the same as you would in a diesel version.


AutoExpress scores the e-Transporter 4 out of 5 for it’s Energy Use and Running Costs and it’s Driving and Performance.

It then gives the van 4.5 out of 5 for it’s load space and practicality as well as it’s reliability and safety whilst it’s cab and interior scores a 5 out of 5.

It then gives an overall score of a rather stingy 3 out of 5 – citing the reasons for scoring it down as its cost and its low range.

However, as we’ve discussed, if you a looking to use a van locally, the range is irrelevant. And with so many issues with supply, the deals available on these vans at the moment make the cost much more palatable – it’s probably the best time to get one.

The Parker’s Guide gives the e-Transporter a 4.0 out of 5 rating.

It too cites the main plus points being the interior, the drive quality, it being cheap to run and it’s towing load as mentioned previously.

On the downside again it cites purchase price, range and the speed limiter.

Again though, for local use on local roads and the odd sprint up a couple of motorway junctions, the range and speed limiter isn’t an issue.

Parker’s Guide sums up that due to the sheer quality of the interior and the drive – the e-Transporter is worth considering over the Mercedes eVito.

WhatCar gives the e-Transporter a 3 out of 5 rating.

WhatCar does list the vehicle’s range (or lack of) as a negative. However, as we’ve already said, if you are only making short, local journeys each day, this isn’t really an issue. So if this is your business, then the plus points in the WhatCar review are much more important. 

In the rest of the review it scores the VW eTransporter Abt with 4/5 for it’s drive, low running costs and safety features. 

It does score 3 out of 5 for it’s payload being 996kg. It doesn’t however, mention the towing capability of the van – which on this van is a big plus point.

In summing up, WhatCar says “Volkswagen’s partnership with ABT to make the e-Transporter is a quick fix to get an electric van on the market to rival competitors. It could be improved with more size options, bigger batteries and a greater range, but overall it is a smart, safe and comfortable attempt at an electric van.


If you are looking to switch to an electric van that;

·         you can use locally,

·         rely on for a save, smooth and comfortable drive,

·         come with the payload space of a diesel van, and

·         that is cheap as chips to run,

then the deals currently available on the VW Abt eTransporter LWB are worth checking out. 

The other thing to consider is how cheap it will be to run on a day-to-day basis. It is compliant with the new Clean Air Zones and zero tax. It also comes with the rapid charge option to get to 80% – making it ideal for local use.

When you consider all these factors, the VW Transport is a great van with 70 years’ heritage – and the electric version is a great starting point for your electric van journey.

If you would like to get a quote for some of the deals out there, drop us a line and one of our experts will contact you. 

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The Tesla Model 3 – The Reviews

The Tesla Model 3 – The Reviews

The Tesla Model 3 – The Reviews

There has been a lot of noise about the Tesla Model 3 for quite a while – and there are currently lots of great deals to be had. So could the Tesla Model 3 be worth a punt?

To help you cut through the noise, I’ve put together a collection of reviews and comments from the main review sites out there – giving you a snapshot of this much-sought after electric car.

The Car itself and – why it’s so sought after.

Tesla’s Model 3 is getting so much attention because it’s their first real affordable “volume” car.

As a mid-sized executive car, it’s pitching itself in the territory of the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 as an alternative. And that puts it under quite a lot of immediate pressure.

The car also comes with an impressive set of stats. The standard-range model – which most people will go for – comes with a range of 254-mile WLTP-rated (so obviously will be dependent on the usual factors such as weather, usage etc…).

There is a “Long-range” model which comes with an industry-leading WLTP-rated 348-mile range. There is also a “Performance” range which comes with a 329-mile WLTP rated range – and this model will also achieve 60mph in a remarkable 3.2 seconds – putting it in Ferrari Territory.

Practicality and user-friendliness

The Model 3 is a 5-seat saloon. It is slightly longer than a BMW 3 Series and so it affords more space inside and in the boot – particularly as there is less mechanical bits to work around.

The car comes with all the luxury mod-cons you would expect in an executive saloon – leather upholstery, powered steering adjustment, rear view camera, climate control, DVD System, 4 USB ports, docking station etc… There’s also a huge 15-inch touchscreen control which contains a variety of apps including Google Maps – excellent for intuitive real-time traffic updates – and there is a smartcard entry and start-up system.

It’s also worth noting that the car comes with a 4 year / 50,000 mile vehicle warranty and an 8 year battery warranty.


So that’s the car – what are the reviews saying? Let’s take a look.

“The Tesla Model 3 offers impressive performance, great range and a unique take on car design. It’s a relatively expensive EV, but certainly one of the best.”

5 /5 Stars

“It’s still the most usable electric car on the market, thanks to Tesla’s brilliant Supercharger network, while the well-planned interior is bristling with clever design and storage solutions that make day-to-day use even more enjoyable.”

4/5 Stars

“There is much more to the Model 3 than a Tesla badge at an affordable price. Even in the current cheapest, lowliest form, the car combines truly realistic and practical usability with competitive saloon-car practicality, really striking performance and handling dynamism that doesn’t lack anything for the want of ambition.”

4/5 Stars

“Everything Tesla has done up to this point has built towards the Model 3… and it’s been worth it”


“The Tesla Model 3 is good to drive, packed full of tech, fast (ridiculously so in Performance guise) and even reasonably practical. Yes, it is firmer-riding than some of its executive car rivals, but it’s never uncomfortable, even on beaten-up UK roads. It’s is also competitively priced and well equipped, and factor in its long battery range and Tesla’s world-beating charging infrastructure and it’s more recommendable than the Polestar 2. Indeed, it’s a real contender not just in the electric car class, but the wider executive car class, too.”


Are there any downsides?

In looking around the reviews – the only negative comments are that some reviewers say it’s expensive whilst others feel it is competitively priced.

The only other comments noted are in relation to a slightly “firm” ride quality – but again, this varies from review to review.

In Summary

The feeling is out there in review-land that there are certainly no bad reviews we can find for the Tesla Model 3.

The car is not only viewed as a leading Electric Car, but also one of the leading executive saloons amongst some very established competition.

With Tesla Model 3’s available and in-stock at the moment, there are lots of great deals on the Model 3 to be had.

To receive quotes on the Tesla Model 3 contact our team to discuss your needs and we’ll find you a great deal!

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