Vansdirect partnership reaches 12 month milestone with Fleet Packs

Vansdirect partnership reaches 12 month milestone with Fleet Packs

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Vansdirect partnership reaches 12 month milestone with Fleet Packs

At the Fleet Adviser we’re always on the lookout for innovative companies to offer products and solutions that enhance any business fleet. The guys over at Cheshire-based Fleet Packs are certainly a great example of this. 

As further re-iteration of this, the award-winning van leasing broker Vansdirect have just celebrated their 1-year partnership with Fleet Packs.

The leasing giant see the enhanced value that Fleet Packs can provide to their vehicles, offering greater safety and durability. 

Vans work hard through their life, and our customers spend many hours a day in their vans. Wear and tear is an inevitability. So our bespoke Fleet Packs are designed to protect the fabric of the cabin from damage but to also protect the driver and passengers in the unfortunate event of an incident or breakdown.

For our customers who finance their vans through contract hire or finance lease, this protection is even more valuable when it comes to end of life damage costs or residual values.

Jonathan Pearce, marketing manager, Vansdirect

Fleet Packs determination to provide a tailored service to each of their clients goes way above and beyond just providing accessories. 

The items available cover a wide range of fleet safety and protection items, from branded RV Protection to help protect against wear & tear, to driver safety and well-being itemssuch as hi-vis jackets, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits and hazard triangles – to branded literature and reporting, all of which helping safeguard the immediate, mid and long-term futures of your vehicles and drivers.

If you would like to find out more about the items available and how Fleet Packs could enhance your fleet, visit their website clicking the button below. 

Vehicle Guide Vehicle Suppliers
Vehicle Guide Vehicle Suppliers
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MAN eTGE Vans – A Strong Contender for Switching to EV (and it’s available…)

MAN eTGE Vans – A Strong Contender for Switching to EV (and it’s available…)

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MAN eTGE Vans – A Strong Contender for Switching to EV (and it’s available…)

Could the MAN eTGE be the answer to Van Supply woes?

You won’t need us to tell you that the supply of new vehicles – vans in particular – is still a huge issue. Good news however, is that there are a selection of vans out there raring to go – if you know where to look that is. One such van is the hugely underrated Man eTGE.

The MAN eTGE – killing two birds with one stone?

The supply issue isn’t the only solution the MAN eTGE offers. If want to switch your fleet to electric whilst there are still financial incentives in place then the MAN eTGE is an excellent van to switch to.

Infact, you wouldn’t be the only ones in doing so.

Many businesses are already looking to the MAN eTGE as a really viable option. Sure, it’s availability is a part of that – but in so many ways it actually makes sense.

Recently, Tier Mobility – a micro-mobility company – have taken delivery of 10 new electric MAN eTGE vans for its growing London eScooter operations in the capital.

When talking about choosing the vans, Maximilian Djacic, project manager operations vehicles at Tier, said:

“With the London trial continuing to scale, we are expanding our operations, and our fleet of MAN eTGE all-electric vans is allowing us to do this in a sustainable and efficient way.

“The MAN eTGE is the ideal vehicle for our business. Being 100% electric, its credentials fit perfectly with our company ethos, allowing us to service our e-scooter fleet’s needs in an environmentally and carbon natural way.”

Which is a glowing recommendation – but the fact is that the MAN eTGE ticks many of the boxes you could wish from a larger van. 

What Makes the MAN eTGE a Sensible Option?

Ok, so first of all – if the MAN eTGE doesn’t sound that familiar – then the VW Crafter might. And basically, the MAN eTGE is the VW Crafter in all but name and badges and a few bits of trim here and there.

Straight off the bat, this means there is the re-assurance of build quality and a layout design which maximises the space available.


The battery packs are neatly tucked away between the vehicles chassis rails – ensuring  a low centre of gravity, maximum load space (equivalent of other TGE models) and equal weight distribution – helping performance.

The MAN eTGE dimensions mean it is ideal for delivery of parcels small, medium and large – with plenty of height and space – and a 950kg payload. 

So how foes that impact on performance?


MAN eTGE dimensions


Well it’s performance is more than adequate for the majority of van fleet needs. The MAN eTGE has a 65-70 mile inner-city delivery range with speed limited to 56mph.

It’s all-important charging stats are impressive too.

A full charge to 100% is achieved in five hours and 20 minutes using an AC wall-box, while a quick DC charge to 80% takes 45 minutes, using the Combined Charging System (CCS) connector (40 kW).

Equipment and Drive

The MAN eTGE comes as easy to drive and as comfortable as the TGE and the VW Crafter.

To give you an idea of what that means, Parker’s Guide awarded the TGE is “2022 Large Van of the Year” award. The reason the award was given to TGE outright was due the outstanding aftercare available via MAN truck-level dealer network – another tick in the box.

So what of the eTGE? Well, It comes with pretty much the same essential features such as Comfort Seats, Heated Windscreen and a Sat/Nav infotainment system that doesn’t need a degree in quantum physics to work out.

In terms of drive quality, it once again is in similar realms of outstanding. Largely thanks to the well thought-out (and executed) design.

What are you waiting for?

This is an excellent van that should be up there for consideration at the best of times.

If however you are in need of vans in these difficult times – and you recognise that the switch to Electric Vans is something you need to tackle before the financial support trickles away – then the availability, the quality and the support network around the MAN eTGE should have you looking to find a local supplier as soon as possible.

For more details, please complete the form below to speak to a MAN eTGE specialist.


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Our Van Dimensions Guide – Helping You Find The Right Van

Our Van Dimensions Guide – Helping You Find The Right Van

Visit our Vehicle Guide central online toolbox

Our Van Dimensions Guide – Helping You Find The Right Van

A Really Useful Tool – Our Van Dimensions Guide

One of the things I remember from my broker days was being asked to find a van that would easily fit a board, or pieces of equipment, or be able to carry a certain payload. 

Finding that information online was quite time-consuming. Sometimes impossible! (Or at least it felt it.) 

There must be an easier way than trawling through manufacturers spec sheets and manuals.

Well now there is – and we’ve created it! 

Introducing our Van Dimensions Guide.

With our van dimensions guide, you can use it a couple of ways. 

The first is to search by van make and model. This will help you find that particular vans dimensions so you can see if it matches your needs. 

If however, you have a particular need and don’t know what van you should be looking at, then you can use the dimension sliders to help you find the vans that match your needs. 

Find local Van Suppliers

Once you have your results, you can click on a particular van to find the van dimensions information you need. 

In addition to this though, we have gone one step beyond this and you will also see a “find local van suppliers” option. 

With this, we are currently sourcing credible suppliers of that type of van from across the UK. From brokers and main dealers to second-hand dealers and hire companies. 

Check out our Van Dimensions Guide

Our van dimensions guide is completely free to use, you don’t have to register and you can use it as many times as you want – if you find it useful, be sure to BOOKMARK the page to store it in your browser.

All we’d ask is that if you know anyone who would find it useful, please share it with them too. To visit the guide, please click the button below.

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Van Comrade – Flexible Van Storage

Van Comrade – Flexible Van Storage

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Van Comrade – Flexible Van Storage

Introducing Van Comrade – A Flexible Storage Solution, Creating Space Inside Your Work Van.

Have you ever been sat there with a problem you face all the time and wished you could create something that would solve it?

Well, John Scott and his business partner, John Leach, did exactly just that. They’re joint co-founders of Van Comrade, and their VAN COMRADE™ flexible storage solution has attracted interest from everywhere.

We caught up with the two John’s to find out what gave them the idea, and to tell us about the challenges they faced taking an idea and getting it to market….


VANCOMRADE™ is a flexible, portable, space saving, tool storage solution that was made purely out of necessity. What started out as a perfect product for our own vans also has the added benefit of being able to be used pretty much anywhere – Sheds, Garages, Workshops, Offices, Storage Containers etc. Although we will shortly have solutions for van back doors and other add on accessories, Van Comrade is available in 3 Universal sizes to fit most vans or made bespoke, it can also be custom branded.

So how did VAN COMRADE™ come about?

We run a contract furniture business, and we were constantly moving boxes of tools in and out of vans, and at the same time also trying to make room for furniture items and other accessories. Most evenings when finishing on site our tools would be thrown in the van boxes ready to be organised and sorted out the next morning before our next job.

We realised that we were always compromising our valuable van space for tools and vice versa. Unable to find anything anywhere that was fit for purpose we drew up our own idea in our 3D software and made our own prototype.

From there we found a great manufacturer who fully understood our requirements and has been extremely helpful from day one.

We wanted to make sure it was easy to install, easy to fill, that it held tools in place in transit and that it was easy to re-locate for one or two people. It goes without saying that it had to be more than durable and fit for purpose to withstand the rigorous demands and be extremely long lasting.

What makes it unique?

There is nothing out there that offers you a Re-inforced – Heavy Duty, Space Saving, Portable, Heat Resistant, Water Resistant, Crush Resistant storage solution that takes only minutes to fit and with extra clips can easily be moved from your van to another location, also for added security it’s so quick to remove at the end of the day if you don’t want your valuable tools left in your van overnight.

Another great benefit of VANCOMRADE™ is that when you need to get a new van you don’t need to start all over again having racking and other storage systems fitted – you just un-clip your existing and fit it into your new van….simple

How did you go about testing your product?

Good question, we had carried out basic weight bearing tests where each eyelet was tested to hold a minimum of 30kgs, and then we thought lets really put it through its paces and get it down to our local scrap yard and throw everything at it we could think of. Our website shows some of our testing and videos of just how durable our product is.

First, we lifted John, our retail sales director (and ex-para) 10ft up in the air whilst just holding onto the empty pouches, he weighs in at just over 11 stone and all the pockets held perfectly. We then took a gas axe to it in full flame mode to test its resistance to heat with no issues either.

Then we threw wet plaster at it and hosed it off with a high-pressure power washer. The plaster just blasted off easily leaving it looking like new, although the pouches were filled with water it proved its water-resistant properties.

The mechanical grabber then took our VANCOMRADE™ in its vice like grip and dropped it from about 30ft up and then finally the same machine ran over it several times. At no stage did our product falter and after another blast off with the power washer it was left looking as good as new with only a few scratches here and there

Once it went to market, how did things go?

After initially coming up with the idea in February 2021, we initially planned to launch our Van Comrade at the 2021 Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC, so we ordered our first batch of which sold out prior to the show without any advertising whatsoever, just good old word of mouth.

We soon followed this up with a second batch (and fortunately or unfortunately) due to COVID and shipping delays is overdue and will be here end of September however, most of these have been pre-ordered. We’re already on with our third batch. This time round we’re going to need several thousand.

We have had lots of enquiries for distribution and wholesale opportunities locally as well as in Germany, Sweden, The Isle of Man, Ireland and as far as Canada and Australia.

If there are people out there who have an idea for a solution to an issue in their work, what advice would you give them?

Sometimes in life you have to be prepared to take a risk, if there was nothing to lose then it wouldn’t be risky. If you have something you firmly believe in and your gut instinct tells you to do it, then do it.

Obviously, it goes without saying you need to investigate all the pros and cons properly and sensibly. At times the whole thing will become a huge headache and seem impossible. That’s when a good mental attitude pays off and if you’ve done your homework properly the two click together – a great product that everyone wants.

As Winston Churchill once said, when you find yourself walking through hell……..keep going

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

Well, we have several other products that are based around our VANCOMRADE™ which we’re really excited about and others we are developing at the moment. As soon as these items are available, they will be added to our website for our customers to check out and buy.


Thanks to John for taking the time to speak to us. To find out more about the fantastic VANCOMRADE™  and to secure yours for just £99 Incl. VAT visit their website using the button below and quote the code MC1 when speaking to them.

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New eLCV Course Available for Fleet Operators

New eLCV Course Available for Fleet Operators

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New eLCV Course Available for Fleet Operators

New eLCV course to help make the transition to electric vans.

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) has launched an eLCV course designed to help fleets make the transition to electric vans.

The first course is taking place on Thursday, September 9th, following a similar format to the one-day electric car course, launched earlier this year.

Created by eLCV expert Paul Kirby in conjunction with the AFP, the course will be delivered by Paul alongside Peter Eldridge from the AFP.

About the eLCV Course

Hosted using video conferencing, it will last 5-6 hours.

The training consists of five modules –

    • the eLCV ecosystem,
    • vehicles,
    • evaluation,
    • total cost of ownership and operations, and
    • future state.

Course Cost & How to Attend

The cost of attendance is £225 for AFP and ICFM members and £295 for non-members.

To find out more about the course or to book your place, please click the link below.

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Does Van Signage Impact On Your Insurance?

Does Van Signage Impact On Your Insurance?

Elegant Themes Ad

Does Van Signage Impact On Your Insurance?

So you have bought your new van (or vans), sorted out the paperwork and all the insurances are in place. You then go and get them liveried in your company branding, taglines and all the relevant details. But there could be a problem. You could have just voided your insurance. 

Why Insurers Need To Know About Van Branding.

There are two main considerations why your insurers will want to know about your van branding. 

Increased Risk of Theft.

Depending on your line of work, your van branding could make your vehicle a more enticing prospect to theives if they believe there could be items such as tools being carried. 

Cost of Repairs

If your van needs repairs then the van branding repair costs will also need to be a consideration. 

Implications on your van insurance

Van signage comes under the “modifications” section of insurance policies – in the same way spoilers, alloy wheels or other performance-enhancing factors would. 

If you do not make your insurer aware of the signage you have then there are several expensive possible outcomes.

Where the vehicle is damaged, the insurer may decide not cover the cost of the repairs to the signage.

Equally, they must decide to void the insurance all together when you come to claim – particularly in theft claims where the signage could have been a contributing factor. 

What if you haven’t told your insurer about your signage?

If you have van signage and haven’t made your insurer aware, then you should do so right away. 

You may have to pay an increase in premium. However, should the worst happen, you will at least have the peace of mind that your vans will be insured and your costs will be kept to a minimum.

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A new, lightweight, secure roof-box designed to carry sheet materials, tubing and more. Find out more….

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