Introducing The Fleet Adviser – Vehicle Guide

Introducing The Fleet Adviser – Vehicle Guide

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Introducing The Fleet Adviser – Vehicle Guide

One of the aims of The Fleet Adviser is to give you all the tools you could need in one place. 

Whether you are a fleet operator, a fleet supplier or in the in fleet industry in some capacity – we want to give you a central website you can turn to when you need it that is fast and simple to find what you need.

A Selection of Helpful Tools

Using our filtered search system, you can quickly locate the information you need.

Whether it’s the dimensions of a van, the range of miles of an electric car, a local supplier who can help with a particular issue, or a wealth of comparison tools, our new website is free and easy to use. 

For more information (and to check out our fantastic Van Dimensions and Weight Limits tool already available) – visit our website by clicking the button below. AND DON’T FORGET TO BOOKMARK IT IN YOUR WEB BROWSER!!!! 

Not sure how to bookmark a page (or even what this means) – check this page here.

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