Pandemic Forces Surge in Demands for Home Delivery

Pandemic Forces Surge in Demands for Home Delivery

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Pandemic Forces Surge in Demands for Home Delivery

Businesses forced to meet home delivery demands could be spending more time & money than they need to.

The demand for home delivery is one of the main changes in lifestyle brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it’s the weekly shop, buying clothes, or getting your meals from your favourite restaurant, businesses are having to adapt to accommodate home delivery.

According to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) – in December, online food sales were up 126.4%. Online sales in general were up 61.4%. And with this increase in demand from the consumer, businesses have been forced into looking into meeting this demand.

Meeting the demand

Many businesses during the first lockdown looked at short-term approaches – from rental agreements to short-term lease options – in the hope that things “will return to normal soon”.

This hasn’t happened though and as time has gone on and with more lockdowns coming into play, a short-term strategy could need re-visiting.

For businesses who committed to longer-term planning from the off, when you make huge operational changes very quickly, there are often gaps that need plugging.

It may only now becoming apparent how things costs and time could be saved.

Many businesses won’t actually be aware of what is available to them if decisions were made in haste.

Understandably, the focus was just purely on meeting the demand at the time.

The next problem then is having the time to sit down and assess the options whilst it remains so busy.

Working with a third party

Working with a third party who can assess your circumstances and find you the best fit for your needs makes complete sense.

Whether your business is expanding its current fleet and you’re having to manage that – or has had to set-up a fleet of vehicles from scratch – or find a solution – to meet the demand, having someone independent cast their eyes over your situation could save you lots of time and money.

There are so many things to consider.

What vans are best for your delivery needs?

What is the best financing options for your business?

Where can the best deals be found on the vehicles? What additional costs are there?

And then there is the maintenance packages and tracking of the vehicles to make sure the operation runs a smoothly as possible.

For any business having to adapt – drawing on someone with the experience and the contacts to make these worries disappear right away could be the best decision you make.


Has your business had to adapt? Have you had any issues or would you like to ask any questions of our experts? Please leave your comments at the foot of this page, or message us directly using the form below for more information.


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