What is V2G and why it could change the EV Charging Landscape

What is V2G and why it could change the EV Charging Landscape

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What is V2G and why it could change the EV Charging Landscape

V2G : How Your Electric Vehicle Can Give Back Power To The National Grid

Charging electric vehicles is one of the main considerations when making the switch from petrol or diesel vehicles.

The main concerns seem to be based around how much it costs, how practical it is, or how long it takes to charge a vehicle. These concerns – however unfounded – can often delay people making the switch.

So, what if you could actually turn charging your electric vehicle into a nice little earner? Well with V2G technology, this is going to become possible.

What is V2G?

V2G stands for vehicle-to-grid.

As the name infers, V2G is the transference of unused energy from the vehicle’s battery being put back into the grid during peak times.

So V2G charging is essentially 2-way charging. You can charge your vehicles at off-peak times (e.g. overnight) when it’s cheaper. If you’re vehicles are left largely unused during peak times then the unused energy can be sold back to the grid.

What are the main benefits of V2G?

The main V2G benefits are;

  • Simplicity of control for EV owners
  • Ability to reduce stress and add stability for the grid
  • Helps reduce carbon emissions by contributing clean, green energy
  • Greater flexibility for owner and grid
  • Energy-efficient, low cost driving for EV owners
  • Cashback for EV owners – selling surplus energy back to grid

The V2G Trial

Over the last few months, OVO Energy have been running a V2G trial. The trial has been funded by the Office for Low Emission and the Department from Business Energy and Industry Strategy in partnership with Innovate.

By selling putting unused battery back into the grid – using OVO’s V2G Tariff – drivers trialling the scheme have saved upto £800 in a year on their bills.

V2G – Helping the Grid

It is important that the Grid is helped as much as possible. Despite more initiatives and emphasis on various renewable energy sources, the demand is for electricity remains as high as ever.

With V2G putting power back into the grid during peak times, it helps protect against power shortages.

It might sound quite dramatic, but the problem with many renewable resources is they can’t be controlled.

In November 2020, low winds posed a real problem. The National Grid turned to OVO Energy to ask it’s V2G users to plug in to the grid and a shortage on the grid was averted.

So V2G is a great thing – is it available to everyone?

Unfortunately, at the moment no. Currently, only the Nissan Leaf and Nissan e-NV200 are compatible with V2G.

That said, the infrastructure is in place and this means other car manufacturers aren’t far behind.

The huge benefits of V2G makes it inevitable that this technology will be hitting the mainstream soon.

Where can you find out more about it?

If you would like to find out more details or get a quote for switching to V2G, you can visit the OVO Energy website.

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