Do you know your Clean Air Zones from your LEZs or ULEZs

Do you know your Clean Air Zones from your LEZs or ULEZs

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Do you know your Clean Air Zones from your LEZs or ULEZs

Get to grips with Clean Air Zones, Low Emission Zones and ULEZ.

It might not have gone unnoticed, but businesses who regularly travel within the largest cities in the UK are facing an added cost due to the emergence of low emission zones. 

With NO2 emissions a contributing factor to hundreds of deaths in some of our biggest cities, local authorities both have a legal and moral obligation to reduce emission levels. 

To do this, a number of very similar initiatives have been introduced to combat emission levels. 

Reducing Emissions in city centres

We already had the ULEZ (Ultra-low Emission Zone) in London, whilst Glasgow introduced a Low Emission Zone for it’s buses back in 2018 – but 2021 has also seen the introduction of Clean Air Zones in Bath, Birmingham and Portsmouth – as well as an extension to the existing ULEZ.

In 2022 – even more Clean Air Zones will roll out, whilst in Scotland, there will be an expansion to the Glasgow Low Emission Zone to include all vehicles, whilst similar Low Emission Zones will be introduced in Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Basically – the world is FINALLY going low-emission crazy.

But as you can see, CAZs, ULEZ, LEZ (and that’s not to mention Oxford piloting a Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ)) all these letters and zones can become confusing – and if you are a business operating vehicles in one or more of these cities, planning could become quite complex and bogged down. 

Let The Fleet Adviser Help You with our Definitive Guide

To help you battle through the ever-shifting landscape of CAZs, LEZs, ULEZ and ZEZs, we have put together a useful “definitive guide” section on our Vehicle Guide Website. 

In our guide we provide; 

  • information on each individual zone including minimum requirements, when the zone goes live, what type of zone it is, a map of the zone area and links to useful websites.
  • faqs section answering some of the commonly asked questions – from how are the zones monitored to how do you pay.
  • useful links to payment portals for the relevant zones as well a link to creating a business account if you wish to register more than one vehicle for Clean Air Zones.



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