Quartix Vehicle Tracking Solutions – A Powerful Tool For Saving Time & Money

Quartix Vehicle Tracking Solutions – A Powerful Tool For Saving Time & Money

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Quartix Vehicle Tracking Solutions – A Powerful Tool For Saving Time & Money

Quartix Vehicle Tracking – Enhancing Productivity and Reducing Costs

Vehicle tracking is often pigeon-holed as a form of “snooping” or “checking up on staff”. I mean, surely you should be able to trust your staff enough to be productive with their vehicles, right?

The fact is that vehicle tracking offers helps businesses who run a fleet of vehicles invaluable ways to save time and money managing their fleet.

Quartix Vehicle Tracking is one such solution. They are one of the longest established and trusted vehicle tracking solution providers in the UK.

Here we look at their solutions and how they could benefit your business.

Who are Quartix?

Quartix were founded in 2001 – pretty much at the infancy of digital vehicle tracking solutions – by four industry professionals. The founder and CEO is still with the company today.

Their vehicle tracking solutions have been installed in 600,000+ vehicles, across 19,000 fleets globally – cementing their position as one of the leading vehicle tracking solution providers in the UK.

The clients who use the Quartix vehicle tracking come from a wide range of backgrounds including;

    • Building & Construction
    • Trade & Field Services
    • Transportation
    • Security
    • Distribution

Quartix pride themselves on their service levels and long-term relationship with their clients having created a simple, easy-to-use, access-anywhere system, giving insurance companies and fleet managers access to invaluable data.


What does their Vehicle Tracking Solution Provide?

The Quartix Vehicle Tracking system makes it easy for vehicle tracking data to be analysed and generates simple to use reports.

For fleet managers, this is particularly helpful for identifying your best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs, and reduce administrative tasks – including dealing with third parties, such as processing insurance claims.

The core functions of the solutions includes;

    • Access via internet browser or mobile app.
    • Know where your vehicles are, 24/7 to help productivity and improve customer service.
    • Getting vehicle activity logs straight to your inbox for instant performance analysis.
    • Use driving performance and data to promote safe and fuel-efficient driving habits.
    • Boost fleet productivity and reduce costs such as fuel costs.
    • Using vehicle tracking to set geographic boundaries and rules.
    • Choose from a wide selection of tracking device hardware options, dependent on your needs.
    • Compliant with privacy laws

How does having a Vehicle Tracking Solution like Quartix benefit the drivers?

Quartix Vehicle Tracking solutions not only provides important data capture and analysis tool for productivity improvements and identifying cost-savings,  it can offer huge benefits to the drivers.


Using Quartix Vehicle Tracking shows that you take your business’s fleet responsibilities seriously. For your business it improves customer service and enhances your reputation. For your drivers though it shows your company are going to have their backs in several ways.

The main features and benefits for drivers

  • improve driver safety by;
    • easily locate drivers involved in accidents or broken down.
    • keeping tabs on vehicle condition
  • improving driving-style performance;
    • monitors speed, braking, idling etc… 
  • proof of how the vehicle is used;
    • helps avoiding disputes over fuel costs and overtime pay
    • helps prove the driver used the vehicles as intended
  • helping protect them against false claims;
    • unbiased data gives a true picture of an accident – and in some extreme cases, whether the driver was even present.

The Cost of Vehicle Tracking Solutions

The cost of vehicle tracking does vary. It has many factors which can influence the cost, and this can lead to a lot of unnecessary expense.

The Quartix Vehicle Tracking solution costs vary – depending on your specific needs. One thing that Quartix are keen to stress though is that your solution is tailored to you. This means that you will only ever pay for what you need. 

They sight the fact that many vehicle tracking providers will bury additional costs into their solutions. These are commonly in the form of; 

  • installation set-up costs
  • unnecessary additional hardware/software
  • other hidden termination costs or any additional costs for moving / removing trackers or 
  • auto-renew contracts
  • warranties, both what they cover and how long for

Quartix though prides itself in it’s transparency in costing based on your needs and this is reflected in it’s reviews and client retention.

To get the right package for your needs, speaking to the team at Quartix will give you the best advice for finding the right solution for your business, at the right price.

If you would like to find out more, visit the Quartix website where they provide a glimpse into it’s capabilities with a free, real-time demo where their team would be glad to answer any of your questions.

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