7 Top Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle’s Keyless Entry System

7 Top Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle’s Keyless Entry System

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7 Top Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle’s Keyless Entry System

How to protect your keyless entry system

Lots of modern vehicles come with a keyless entry system. Whilst they offer convenience for users, they can also offer similar convenience to tech-savvy car thieves. A recent spate of thefts of vehicles with keyless entry systems is a cause for concern.

How are the thieves getting into the vehicles?

Thieves use devices to “mimic” the signal of the key to unlock the vehicle. All it needs is for the thief to get close enough to the key to “steal” the signal.

So what can owners of these vehicles do to keep their vehicle safe?

Here are 7 top tips that can help protect your vehicle from the thieves.

1. Keep your keys out of sight

Make sure you don’t leave your keys near to any windows or doors whilst at home.

Thieves can stand outside and get close enough to clone the signal without even coming into your home.

2. Use a signal-blocking pouch

Placing your keys in a pouch can block the signal, stopping thieves from cloning the signal. Quite simple, but effective. You can pick them up relatively cheaply online or from places like Halfords.

3. Turn off the fob’s wireless signal

With some keyless fobs the wireless signals can be turned off. Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer guides or contact them to see if this is possible and how it is done.

4. Protect the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Port

The on-board diagnostic (OBD) Port is used by mechanics / technicians who will use a device to detest issues/faults – usually if your engine management light comes on.

This port can be used by the thieves to start the vehicle. To avoid this there are some steps you can take;

  • Contact your local dealership or an auto-electrician and ask them to relocate the port.
  • Use a cover or protective lock guard to prevent it being accessed.
  • If your vehicle is a higher-end or prestige vehicle then it might be worth considering the expense of upgrading your entire central locking system.

5. Steering Wheel locks

A good old fashioned steering wheel lock cannot be by-passed by technology and can be very effective.

6. How you park

Where you park can influence the desirability of the vehicle.

  • If you have a garage, use it wherever possible.
  • If you have a driveway, park as close to your property as possible.
  • If you have more than one vehicle, park the less desirable vehicle so it blocks the exit of the keyless system vehicle.
  • It might also be worth considering fitting a security light and even fitting a “dummy” security camera can be enough to put thieves off.

7. Research a vehicles security risk first

It makes sense before you choose a vehicle to check out its security options.

There are websites which can give you really useful information into a vehicle’s all-round security rating.

One of the best tool’s is Thatcham’s Consumer Security Rating tool which can be found here.

If you do purchase additional security, make sure that it is;

In Summary

Hopefully you will find these tips helpful and heighten your awareness if you currently have a keyless entry system for your vehicle(s) or are thinking of buying one.

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