Tesla Cars – Are They Really “All That”?

Tesla Cars – Are They Really “All That”?

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Tesla Cars – Are They Really “All That”?

In-Depth Study Shows Why Tesla Are Seen As Market Leaders

If this was Family Fortunes and 100 people were surveyed and asked to “name an electric car” – we would wager the top answer would be a Tesla.

Over the last decade, the Californian company seem to have become synonymous with electric cars. Of course – as anyone who follows the exploits of their relentless CEO, Elon Musk, would testify – electric cars is just one of their many facets.

And yet Musk epitomises everything Tesla are about. Pushing boundaries, setting new parameters, and basically leaving their competitors trailing by always being 3 or 4 steps ahead. Whatever they turn their hand too – they are leaders.

At least this is the perception.

Does the reality match the perception though?

Well one company decided to take on the task and carry out an in-depth analysis into Tesla’s electric cars. We take a look at what they found.

The Research

It’s a mammoth task, but the sort of thing we love – and Cararac do too by the looks of it.

The research provides in-depth comparative analysis into various aspects of Tesla car performance compared to other EVs and Petrol/Diesel cars.

From driving range to energy consumption and many other power and performance stats such as Torque and Acceleration. It is pretty much the Tesla Bible.

In the research, in all, they analyzed 214 electric vehicles and here’s what they learnt in full.

The Results

On looking through the research there are several standout points that leap forward. Here’s what the main takeaway points are from the research.

Takeaway 1

Modern Tesla cars have 23.4% more power than the company’s first vehicles. 

In isolation this stat in its own right might not sound much – but it’s huge when you consider what it means in real terms. 

Firstly, adding almost a quarter more power to its vehicles over a decade shows considerable on-going improvement – that willingness to never settle and always be pushing its boundaries.

But equally importantly, it also shows they started off from quite a high base. They were getting a lot of things right from the very beginning.

Takeaway 2

Tesla EVs are 156.8% more powerful than the average petrol/diesel car.

One of the most interesting – and perhaps most surprising – aspects of the research is how the average Tesla model and average petrol /diesel car power stats compare. 

The average Horsepower for Tesla models is a whopping 446hp.  The average for petrol/diesel cars is just 173hp.

Takeaway 3

The average driving range of a Tesla car is 293 miles (471.1 km).

As always – when it comes to range, mileage can be affected by weather, weight being carried etc… but what you can see with this is that Tesla cars give you a lot of range for the level of performance.

The range varies across Tesla models from 190 miles to an impressive 603 miles – a figure many EV manufacturers have yet to achieve.

What was interesting here was that the newer vehicles offer more range and greater spec, but have larger batteries (almost doubling in size) and more weight. The batteries are just that much better – and will continue to be so as time moves on.

Takeaway 4

On average, Tesla vehicles accelerate 118.9% faster than ICE cars.

One of the main things that leapt out from the report was just how many things Tesla vehicles out-perform petrol/diesel cars.

This one though is pretty impressive.

The fastest Tesla – the Roadster 2 Gen – can reach 60mph in 1.9s, which is basically the time it takes to sneeze.

The slowest – the Cybertruck Single Motor – takes 6.5 seconds, which is far from sluggish. Infact, it puts it alongside the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric – which also takes 6.5 seconds and a smidgeon behind the BMW i3 at 6.4 seconds.

In Summary

There is lots more interesting facts in the article and it really is a good read. If I was to be picky – and I’m generally not, but for the sake of it – then perhaps a section on cost comparisons would have been the icing on the cake – but not all cakes need icing.

This article provides a reminder at just how prominent Tesla are in the EV marketplace. They are deemed to be the “Godfathers” if you like – and when the evidence is presented in such a comprehensive way – it’s completely justified. 

If you want to know more about Tesla cars and what they are capable of, go and have a read.


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