The Tesla Model 3 – The Reviews

The Tesla Model 3 – The Reviews

The Tesla Model 3 – The Reviews

There has been a lot of noise about the Tesla Model 3 for quite a while – and there are currently lots of great deals to be had. So could the Tesla Model 3 be worth a punt?

To help you cut through the noise, I’ve put together a collection of reviews and comments from the main review sites out there – giving you a snapshot of this much-sought after electric car.

The Car itself and – why it’s so sought after.

Tesla’s Model 3 is getting so much attention because it’s their first real affordable “volume” car.

As a mid-sized executive car, it’s pitching itself in the territory of the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4 as an alternative. And that puts it under quite a lot of immediate pressure.

The car also comes with an impressive set of stats. The standard-range model – which most people will go for – comes with a range of 254-mile WLTP-rated (so obviously will be dependent on the usual factors such as weather, usage etc…).

There is a “Long-range” model which comes with an industry-leading WLTP-rated 348-mile range. There is also a “Performance” range which comes with a 329-mile WLTP rated range – and this model will also achieve 60mph in a remarkable 3.2 seconds – putting it in Ferrari Territory.

Practicality and user-friendliness

The Model 3 is a 5-seat saloon. It is slightly longer than a BMW 3 Series and so it affords more space inside and in the boot – particularly as there is less mechanical bits to work around.

The car comes with all the luxury mod-cons you would expect in an executive saloon – leather upholstery, powered steering adjustment, rear view camera, climate control, DVD System, 4 USB ports, docking station etc… There’s also a huge 15-inch touchscreen control which contains a variety of apps including Google Maps – excellent for intuitive real-time traffic updates – and there is a smartcard entry and start-up system.

It’s also worth noting that the car comes with a 4 year / 50,000 mile vehicle warranty and an 8 year battery warranty.


So that’s the car – what are the reviews saying? Let’s take a look.

“The Tesla Model 3 offers impressive performance, great range and a unique take on car design. It’s a relatively expensive EV, but certainly one of the best.”

5 /5 Stars

“It’s still the most usable electric car on the market, thanks to Tesla’s brilliant Supercharger network, while the well-planned interior is bristling with clever design and storage solutions that make day-to-day use even more enjoyable.”

4/5 Stars

“There is much more to the Model 3 than a Tesla badge at an affordable price. Even in the current cheapest, lowliest form, the car combines truly realistic and practical usability with competitive saloon-car practicality, really striking performance and handling dynamism that doesn’t lack anything for the want of ambition.”

4/5 Stars

“Everything Tesla has done up to this point has built towards the Model 3… and it’s been worth it”


“The Tesla Model 3 is good to drive, packed full of tech, fast (ridiculously so in Performance guise) and even reasonably practical. Yes, it is firmer-riding than some of its executive car rivals, but it’s never uncomfortable, even on beaten-up UK roads. It’s is also competitively priced and well equipped, and factor in its long battery range and Tesla’s world-beating charging infrastructure and it’s more recommendable than the Polestar 2. Indeed, it’s a real contender not just in the electric car class, but the wider executive car class, too.”


Are there any downsides?

In looking around the reviews – the only negative comments are that some reviewers say it’s expensive whilst others feel it is competitively priced.

The only other comments noted are in relation to a slightly “firm” ride quality – but again, this varies from review to review.

In Summary

The feeling is out there in review-land that there are certainly no bad reviews we can find for the Tesla Model 3.

The car is not only viewed as a leading Electric Car, but also one of the leading executive saloons amongst some very established competition.

With Tesla Model 3’s available and in-stock at the moment, there are lots of great deals on the Model 3 to be had.

To receive quotes on the Tesla Model 3 contact our team to discuss your needs and we’ll find you a great deal!

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