AI Inspection from Tractable – Revolutionising Vehicle Inspection Processes

AI Inspection from Tractable – Revolutionising Vehicle Inspection Processes

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AI Inspection from Tractable – Revolutionising Vehicle Inspection Processes

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is cropping up more and more in our everyday lives – so in such a tech-heavy industry as the automotive industry, it should come as little surprise it’s cropping up more and more here too. One of the latest examples is AI Inspection – launched recently in North America and Japan by Tractable.

What does it do?

Their new artificial intelligence (AI) solution to assesses the external condition of a vehicle’s body via a web-based app which can be uploaded to a smartphone.

As you can imagine, this solution helps massively speed up any process where a vehicle’s condition is required. From purchasing or selling a vehicle, to returning a short-term hire or leased vehicle, or recycling parts at end-of-life – this solution provides instant, factual evidence.

Jimmy Spears, head of automotive at Tractable recently told Fleet News;

“With AI Inspection, we have created a powerful AI tool that is not only capable of accurately assessing the exterior condition of a vehicle’s body, but can be carried around in your smartphone.

“We already work with US insurers to improve auto claims. AI Inspection will unlock efficiencies for the broader vehicle ecosystem, where there are huge gains to be made with faster ways of performing manual tasks, with cutting-edge technology.”

How does it work?

By taking a video of the vehicle, it is then run through the app so it can recognise what, if any, parts are damaged.

In addition to this, the AI within the app can also interact with the person taking a video to request specific additional information – ensuring that the AI assessment is backed-up by the correct photographic evidence.

Tractable also claim that it uses live-guided video capture and AI fraud checks to help ensure that the full state of the right car is captured.

Benefits of AI Systems

The evidence as to the benefits of AI systems and software is pretty compelling.

For example, it’s claimed that a behavioural AI system in a vehicle can help prevent 90% of crashes by predicting the actions of pedestrians and other road users by alerting the driver to a potential incident.

The clamour for this level of intelligent tech is marked as well.

Transport for London (TfL) also announced it was adopting AI and simulation technology to help detect and manage the flow of traffic in the capital.

For small to medium sized businesses, AI Systems and technology may sound some way off (and expensive) but the fact that it will be gradually integrated into our lives – whether we like it or not – is almost inevitable.

And in reality – by embracing it, rather than resisting it – it’s benefits could prove to be both time and money-saving.

If you would like more information on AI systems and technology that could help your fleet, why not contact one of our technology experts with your questions?

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