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Use of a Mobile Phone or Hand-held Device Whilst Driving

The law surrounding the use of a mobile phone or other hand-held device whilst driving has recently been reviewed. We asked Morton’s Solicitors to explain the law.

AI Inspection from Tractable – Revolutionising Vehicle Inspection Processes

AI Inspection from Tractable has launched in the US and Japan and is revolutionising the vehicle inspection industry using AI. We find out more…

Quartix Vehicle Tracking Solutions – A Powerful Tool For Saving Time & Money

Quartix Vehicle Tracking - Enhancing Productivity and Reducing Costs Vehicle tracking is often pigeon-holed as a form of “snooping” or “checking up on staff”. I mean, surely you should be able to trust your staff enough to be productive with their vehicles, right? The...

Changes in Vehicle Technology Bring New Challenges To Fleet Managers and Insurers

Automation, Connection and Electric Vehicle technology presents many challenges to fleet managers and insurers. New vehicles come with new technologies - and whilst there are many plus points, there are also plenty of challenges. Kevan Haughton of Bricks & Motors...

What is V2G and why it could change the EV Charging Landscape

V2G : How Your Electric Vehicle Can Give Back Power To The National Grid Charging electric vehicles is one of the main considerations when making the switch from petrol or diesel vehicles. The main concerns seem to be based around how much it costs, how practical it...

7 Top Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle’s Keyless Entry System

How to protect your keyless entry system Lots of modern vehicles come with a keyless entry system. Whilst they offer convenience for users, they can also offer similar convenience to tech-savvy car thieves. A recent spate of thefts of vehicles with keyless entry...

3 Months Free Tracking For Short-term Lease Vehicles

A great offer to help make tracking your vehicles simpler. Do you have any short-term lease vehicles that you need to track without causing any down time to your business? The new FREE to download mobile app from ASM is available to give you live vehicle tracking at...

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