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Vansdirect partnership reaches 12 month milestone with Fleet Packs

Vansdirect celebrates one year with Fleet Packs – offering added value to their clients. Find out more about Fleet Packs.

MAN eTGE Vans – A Strong Contender for Switching to EV (and it’s available…)

The MAN eTGE could not only be the answer the huge supply issues, but could also be why you choose now to switch your van fleet to electric.

Our Van Dimensions Guide – Helping You Find The Right Van

Our Van Dimensions Guide is ideal whether you are looking for the dimensions of a specific van, or a van to meet your dimension needs. Filter your search to find the perfect van.

Van Comrade – Flexible Van Storage

Van Comrade is an affordable way to create more space in your van and store tools neatly away.

New eLCV Course Available for Fleet Operators

A new eLCV course is available to help fleet operators make the transition over to electric vans. Find out more about this course.

Does Van Signage Impact On Your Insurance?

Van signage can have an impact on your insurance. Here we look at the reasons why your insurer needs to know about it.

ROOFARACK – A Common Problem Solved?

Have you ever been sat there with a problem you face all the time and wished you could create something that would solve it? Well, Gary Knight and his business partner, Richard Ottaway, did exactly just that. Gary is co-founder of Roof Box Systems, and their...

Finding vans whilst prices and demand is so high.

A shortage of new vans, a hike in prices of used vans – just how do you find a van these days? The issue with new van supplies has been well documented. But just to give a quick recap, here's of some of the main issues; Covid-19 has lead to a rise in demand for...

The Volkswagen Abt eTransporter LWB – The Reviews

If you have been finding stock this month tough to come by, we might have the answer. With reported issues in meeting demand due to the issues in the supply chain of components, finding vans – let alone great deals on vans has been hard to come by. One of the vans...

Why are van stock levels so low?

Issues getting hold of new vans are down to both Supply & Demand. I wrote recently that March was an excellent month for buying in new vans for your business – and to get any orders in early. The problem is we have heard several reports of supply issues - and on...

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